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Barbs to Washington because of its call for wanted on charges of terrorism

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Barbs to Washington because of its call for wanted on charges of terrorism


10/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
criticized a number of members of parliament, calls made ​​by the «Congress» the US wanted to eliminate Hatem Suleiman, Mudar Shawkat, to visit the United States, amid a widespread belief that what be discussed these two fugitives enters within the framework of the debate on the issues of «suspicious» goals and objectives.
In what was seen Representatives, those calls as «a blatant interference in local affairs, and are classified within the conspiratorial schemes against Iraq, for being received outside the diplomatic contexts and bilateral agreements», called on the government to take deterrent legal action against «political figures attending hostile conferences for the democratic experience outside part of the state ».
MP for the coalition «rule of law» Mohammed al-Shammari, commented on the subject, saying that «the calls made ​​by the US Congress wanted in terrorism cases under the pretext of talking with them in matters concerning internal affairs, incompatible with international diplomatic norms, it is also considered an interference traveled in national sovereignty Affairs ».
He Shammari told the {morning} yesterday, that «such calls .. figures not carrying any government prescription or official, it is a matter of distrust and suspicion», adding that «in these calls schemes barely manage to target Iraq, especially that the two invitees are required for the judiciary, on charges of supporting terrorism and provide cover for guerrilla expiatory local and rebels to implement Ajramanm inside the country ».
He called on the executive and legislative branches, to take resolute measures and the adoption of strict positions against such a work of irresponsible issued by US institutions, and influence in building relations between the two countries », said in this regard« the government should take an active decision about these suspicious calls that go into the door of the conspiratorial schemes targeting and sovereignty of Iraq ».
For his part, MP Abdel Azim Ajman, that« these calls and a clear objective, which is the good frantic to pass the establishment of the Sunni province in the western region, which is among the American plans to be implemented by force in Iraq, where the US side seeks to build three provinces on the basis of the ethnic and sectarian », adding that« this visit invitations given to those who agree to those suspicious schemes, and in conformity with Uncle Sam in building the controversial regions even before its formation ».
On whether this calls for the convergence of views between the Iraqi factions, he replied that« national reconciliation should start from inside Iraq, because all previous attempts of reconciliation that began from abroad lost its importance and failed ».
Attorney Ajman, the Chairman of the Committee «Awqaf and Religious Affairs» in parliament, explained that «starting reconciliation from abroad has become infeasible, especially that there are some characters facing reservations from political forces and the Iraqi street, and there are Sunni figures by reservation sons component,».
He also drew , to «the difficulty of the process of national reconciliation begins figures conservatively inside the Iraqi society such as Ali Hatem Suleiman, Mudar Shawkat, two Two such stylish personalities unacceptable within local circles, in addition to personal Khamis dagger».
He also stressed Ajman, on the need to «come up with symbols representing the Sunni component, has admissibility in Shiite circles in addition to the Sunni political forces inside Iraq have objections to such mentioned figures Anfa ».
In context, the deputy« Kurdistan Alliance »Xuan Daoudi, called on the government to« take measures and controls deterrent against political figures that meet such a calls, they are within the political process.  
»said Daoudi told {morning} yesterday« there are a lot of parliamentarians and university professors attending a lot of anti conferences with regional countries, without any legal accountability, which shows the weakness of the government's performance, it is not possible to be things are so easy », demanding punishment for anyone who violates the laws of the state and controls.

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