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Governor of Wasit province: employees' salaries locked

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Governor of Wasit province: employees' salaries locked

10/11/2015 0:00

Walcott Hassan Shahid al-Azzawi
has assured the local administration in Wasit governorate staff on their salaries remaining two months of the current year, while spent 22 instrument for covered by Article 140 Aldsturih.aota at a time when the province refused to limit the implementation of the decision of the customs number of border crossings tariff without the other, while wasting the Department of Health where the amounts of materials expired.
governor of Wasit owner Saidi denied in a statement to «morning» remarks reported by some media on the bankruptcy of the province as a result of fiscal austerity announced by the government, stressing at the same time enable the province to secure the employees' salaries for the months of November and December after the arrival of funding from the Ministry of
He added that the delay in the arrival of financial conservatism benefits within the budget year 2015, negatively affected the implementation of service projects, which led to some of them stopped due to lack of operational advances, pointing out that the financial balance of the salaries of staff available in State-owned banks and is waiting for the province a notice from the central bank for
He Saidi said the province is also awaiting receipt of amounts of petrodollars hoped balancing its launch in the coming days, indicating that the contracts department completely stopped hauling projects due to delays in the launch of financial conservatism benefits from the amounts the budget year 2015, What forced the province to stop working with 450 projects because of this thing.
In Wasit, too, director of the implementation of Article 140 office in the province jurist Abdul Amir al-Yasiri announced the distribution of 22 instrument between covered by Article 140, of which 10 million dinars for each instrument in the amount of compensation for a new batch. He Yasiri in a statement to «morning» that the past few months have seen the distribution of 197 instrument between covered by the
He noted that the new batch included 22 beneficiaries by 10 million dinars for each of them, indicating that the distribution process involving displaced persons covered by the internal and external deportation.
He continued: there 3111 completed and ready for exchange treatment, but currently parked because of the financial crisis in the country, so it is hoped disbursed if the approval of the federal budget for the year 2016. In turn, the head of the security committee in the House of Wasit reiterated his refusal to apply the decision of the customs tariff in the province outlets.
A press release of the Office of the President Committee owner Algelebawi, that the province will not apply tariff law in the province ports unless they are implemented in the western provinces and the Kurdistan region, noting that the per capita income Wasti weak and the application of those decisions will lead to a rise in goods prices in the local markets, which will reflect negatively on the increasing suffering of the citizens directly.
He called Algelebawi during a meeting with a number of freight transport drivers who demonstrated in protest against the rise in tax collection, the Federal Government to review all decisions regarding the income of the citizen and taking into account the financial situation and circumstance of living
the moment.
For its part, seized the Department of Health and Wasit large amounts of food ended Validity in the markets, and destroyed in 1938 Cartoon milk after proving Out ​​validity through laboratory testing.
He said the department director Dr Jabbar al-Yasiri «morning»: The Health Control Division of the Department carried out a regulatory crackdown on shops and markets that sell food (wholesale) to take models From the material before them and subjected to laboratory tests, indicating that the campaign resulted in the monitoring of large amounts of food unfit for human consumption after that proved to be valid laboratory for consumption
He added that those materials included material milk, yogurt, cream, canned beans and amounts of tea, cheese, oils, As was booked significant other amounts of food until the show laboratory test results, adding that a committee formed by the Department of Public Health in the Department has completed the destruction of 1938 Cartoon milk to run out of validity, as they prepare to destroy quantities of other materials invalid after it has been tuned and be subject to checks laboratory, stressing continue monitoring the implementation of campaigns on those

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