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Concluding deals and contracts fast trade

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1 Concluding deals and contracts fast trade on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:17 am


Concluding deals and contracts fast trade


10/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
at a time when participation in the Baghdad International Fair countries edition 42 seek to conclude its deals through contracts with the government and the private sector, other countries have achieved rapid business deals through open outlets in the wings for direct sale untapped attendance to the fair for the marketing of a number of their products.
It is scheduled to conclude this evening the exhibition, which was launched on the first of this month with the participation of more than 20 countries, notably Russia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine and Sudan, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, Tunisia, Palestine and India, Jordan, Serbia, Slovakia and Indonesia.
expanded several nations, including Germany, to prove its presence and increase its presence in the activities of the Baghdad International Fair in order to sign investment agreements with the government and the private sector, including the Iraqi would the advancement of the infrastructure and the development of services and the economy in general. In this regard, the spokesman said the participant the German side in the exhibition Elaph Falluji: The total number of companies co-this session amounted to about 22 companies, including specialized giant and large companies in the infrastructure as Siemens to different companies disciplines side.
He Falluji in a statement »Sabah »The first days of the start of the activities of Baghdad exhibition witnessed visit a number of Iraqi officials to the German Pavilion, especially in the National Day of the country, which was held in the fourth-day events, for the possibilities of Germany in the field of reconstruction.
He said interest in the German side and his commitment to active presence and participation of the times several in this economic demonstration, which can be described as Iraq's identity private investment opportunities and reconstruction tariff.
He also made ​​a point of Japan to announce their presence and participation in the activities of the Baghdad International Fair, as marked by the Japanese pavilion introduced modern forms of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, as well as sewing Brother machines and photographic equipment, and printing.
The director of projects in the JETRO Japanese Foundation Omar al-Shammari: that the participation of the Japanese pavilion with 14 companies represented through exclusive agents of these companies in Iraq to showcase their products. He visited a number of government officials to the Japanese pavilion for the latest technology
in Japanese.
Perhaps the most prominent activities of companies participating in the exhibition states that devoted a large part of them for direct sale is Rohan Ukrainian company that specialized industry and the production of sweets and candies different species and luxury chocolates. In this context, state Fatlawi said of the Ukrainian pavilion »Sabah»: that this is the third time that the State of Ukraine participates in the activities of Baghdad gallery.
She added that the participation consisted open a special ward for sale directly to the public, indicating that Iqbal public characterize this year's increase which led to a sales increase of more than 8 percent from the previous years.
She noted that weather conditions may have contributed directly to the reduction of blockbuster exhibition to the public as well as the timing of the event coincides with the start of the Baghdad International Fair.

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