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Specialists: government knows smuggling dollar .. The task of the central bank "control" and not sell the currency

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Specialists: government knows smuggling dollar .. The task of the central bank "control" and not sell the currency

10/11/2015 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Counting the economic expert on behalf of Antoine, on Monday, that the Iraqi imports "exaggerated" and must be rationed to maintain hard currency, and between the central bank his main task the elimination of inflation and control over the banks and not sell the dollar, he stressed that "whales corruption" took advantage of the huge differences between sell the dollar in the bank and Maaba price in the market to achieve the outrageous profits, calling on the authorities concerned to intervene to control the situation.

The economist said on behalf of Antoine in the program (people and government) which broadcasts satellite channel run, during allocated to discuss the corruption that has received term of the late Ahmad Chalabi file, said the episode "a big part of our lives dependent on imports and, although it's real, but exaggerated."

He added Antoine "The role of the Central Bank is to eliminate the inflation and not sell the currency, and that his mission also controls on banks and commercial banks, and duty of the president overseeing the monetary policy," noting that he "was not supposed to exceed the difference between the central bank rate and the market price of 2%, but We found that the price exceeded Al3- -40 yarns ".

He said economic expert that" the whales take these amounts and return to sell the main beneficiary of this issue, "noting that" The problem also is that most banks do not separation between management and capital, as departments began Baltsep and the diversion of the dollar in an irregular manner.

"and between Antoine" The Central Bank made ​​a decision to meet the demand for the dollar and select parliament the amount of $ 75 million for the sale of a day, and here the dollar began to fall, "and wondered, saying:" To what extent we can pumping the dollar to meet the demand for it so as not to increase its price.

"He stressed the economic expert on the need that" the regulators playing its role in this regard, and in return you must increase the inner workings of the Iraqi and employment in this area.

"He was specializing in the banking sector attributed in (the ninth of April 2015) rising dollar against the dinar, to the Central Bank of special procedures to deduct customs duties and taxes in advance, and called for a "freeze" the resolution, while the expected continued decline in the value of the Iraqi dinar, stressed the need for the abolition of Article 50 of the budget for determining the dollar sales.

also complained Iraqi citizens, in (the 27th of March 2015), from the rising prices of materials and goods in the Iraqi market, while calling for the government to support and follow-up and determine the prices of goods in the market, confirmed that the instability of the dollar was behind the confusion of the Iraqi market.

The dollar price up selling price in the domestic market from about 1120 early the current 2015 to around 1133 now.

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