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United Nations: We expect start editing Mosul operations and prepare him

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United Nations: We expect start editing Mosul operations and prepare him


BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The United Nations expects to regain the offensive by Iraqi forces, the city of Mosul from militants organize Daash, confirming that it was preparing to evacuate through the Sinzh of the population.

And increasing speculation edit Mosul after approaching the security forces and the popular crowd proved their ability to edit the territory under the control of the militant group.

While the United Nations said Monday, November 2015 09, according to Reuters, it was not clear exactly when the Iraqi forces begin their attack on the northern city, the officials and Iraqi leaders are safe in the popular crowd assert approaching liberation of the city.

The leadership of the popular crowd at the November 4, 2015, said that the battle for control of the mountain areas and the hills of Hamrin Makhoul has resolved to Daash They represent the front line of defense in Mosul.

The Deputy Chief of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes, on November 6, 2015, that the Americans were betting on the fall of Baghdad and refused to intervene after the fall of Mosul Daash However, even when the government asked them to do so.

The preoccupation with the Iraqi forces fighting in other regions, has been postponed liberalization of Mosul operations.

Said Bruno Guido High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) representative that the Commission is preparing to help the people who are fleeing from Mosul when you start processes were identified possible sites for the establishment of new camps but there will be enough room for everyone.

A large part of Mosul population of more than a million people in the city after it was taken over by the organization Daash in June 2014 and the prohibition of them militants to leave now remains.

Guido said - according to Reuters in an interview 'this time is well aware of the humanitarian community that there will be no excuse if we were caught unprepared and we were not ready again. This will involve a large displacement of civilians process. '

And exacerbate the humanitarian crisis that is already deep in Iraq, where the number of internally displaced 3.2 million people, or about ten percent of the population.

Baghdad and encourage civilians to return to areas that have been recovered from the organization where Daash protect them and defend them crowd the popular forces, but Guido believes that the rush in this may lead to adverse results.

The Baghdad and the cities of the center and south, has received hundreds of displaced people from Mosul, bypassing the 'differences' sectarian terrorist groups that seek to make it 'differences' deep sectarian prevent the return of Iraqis as one people.

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