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Talks between Japan and the planning for the reconstruction of the liberated areas

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Talks between Japan and the planning for the reconstruction of the liberated areas

Monday 09/11/2015 0:17

Baghdad / Baghdad news
said Planning Minister Salman Jumaili that the joint relations between Iraq and Japan is witnessing continuous development in all fields, particularly in economic and development side and the development of human capacity of the agency, "JICA". According to a statement of the Ministry, "Baghdad News" received a copy of "Jumaili received Ambassador Japanese to Iraq (Fumio Iwai) and director of the Japanese Agency for Development Office (JICA) Hiro Yuki Hayashi in his office at the ministry that Japan is one of the first countries that supported Iraq in the developmental side and its effects are clear in many parts of Iraq, noting that "Japanese attitudes supporting National Development focus of pride and appreciation by the Iraqi people, pointing out that we need to create a virtuous circle between economic development and political stability. "The two sides discussed a number of vital projects funded by the Japanese loan in the field of energy, irrigation, drinking water, sanitation and contribute Alaabna side in re the reconstruction of the liberated areas. He noted that "the government is making great efforts to cope with the crisis in Hqiha security and economic and we have great confidence in the liberation of all the lands of terror prevails stability and prosperity in Iraq, expressing the aspirations of the Iraqi side, Japanese take a bigger role in the reconstruction of the liberated areas and to enable Iraq to reproduce the same is able to do so and the crisis that we face today and that was tough, but it's not tougher and harder than previous crises faced Iraq and managed to overcome thanks to the attributes of the great potential and a strong will. For his part, praised the new Japanese ambassador to Iraq (Fumio Iwai) package large reforms carried out by the Iraqi government and the House of Representatives, noting that "his government strongly supports these reforms because it believes that reform is the only way to overcome the crisis because Iraq has today a golden opportunity to build an economic base based on the diversity of financing of the economy sources. and between (Iwai) according to the statement that Japan is ready to provide all kinds of support to Iraq to assist in the implementation of vital projects that provide services to the population, revealing that Tokyo pledged at the Madrid conference of donor countries in 2003 to provide a soft loan to Iraq of $ 5 billion, but provided more than pledged, as has been disbursed (7.2) billion, He is stressing that "support for Iraq policy will not be shaken because we want this country to promote friendly.

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