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Intruder infallible calls for non-ratification of the national law of the card and return it to Parliament

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Intruder infallible calls for non-ratification of the national law of the card and return it to Parliament


MP called for Yezidi component Vian Dakhil, President of the Republic Fuad Masum, to the lack of approval of the unified national law of the card, and return it to the House for reconsideration of Article 26 thereof.

She said an intruder in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of which "appeal to the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, not to sign and ratify the unified national card law in order to return it to the House of Representatives to reconsider Article 26 of it, because it is contrary to many of the articles in the Federal Constitution article and contrary to the principles of public freedoms and freedom of belief.
"She added," We believe that the signing of infallible President on this law is a post from him in the oppression of the Iraqi minorities of non-Muslims, Calayzidiin, Christians and Mandaeans.
"She expressed the hope that" the President is infallible role in the protection of the Constitution, and that the is not allowed to pass any contrary to the law of his may contribute to the rhythm of injustice and oppression on any class of the Iraqi people.
"She intruder" This law has raised a lot of concern and doubts sons of the Iraqi components of non-Muslims, and represents persecution least to them, and deprived them of the rights guaranteed by the Iraq Constitution and guaranteed by the charters and norms and international ", usually that" scrolled message is wrong for the Iraqi minorities concerned as he was the wrong message to the international community.
"The House of Representatives voted a majority in 27 of October last, to agree to a unified national card law.
commented deputies minorities in 31 of October, their attendance at parliamentary sessions in protest against the enactment of the law, especially in the registration of the child of a minor religion of parents, mind "and coercion discrimination on the creed."
The detection head of the list Mesopotamia actress Christian component MP Kanna for efforts to resolve the dispute over Article 26 of the card law National freedom of religions.
He said we were to [where] "there are efforts to deal with Article 26 of the national card law with the Presidency of the Council of Representatives," adding that "a lot of heads of blocs understand our demand modified so you may go to be urgently addressed," ruling that "things are up to challenge the article to the Federal Court stage.
"Article 26 of the Uniform national card law - which is approved by the House of Representatives in 27 of this month, The Ministry of the Interior by issuing, that" a non-Muslim may switch his religion and according to the law, and follows the boys minors in religion embraced religion Islamic parents.
"It also provides" toggle switch religion and abstract Name Coupled with the debt swap in court personal material is not subject in this case for publication ".anthy

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