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European Parliament: There is an international finance gangs «Daash»

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European Parliament: There is an international finance gangs «Daash»


9/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning,
said a member of the Committees «security and defense» and »Foreign Relations» in the European Parliament, Javier Nart that the world is facing great challenges and the most important face Daash, explaining that the lack of running out of weapons, ammunition and other war supplies for Daash demonstrates the presence of international funding line for these terrorist gangs.
Came during his visit to Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, and his first deputy, Sheikh Hamoudi, where he discussed with them the support of the European Parliament for the efforts of the Iraqi parliament, and his eagerness to cooperate with the parliamentary committees to ensure greater coordination in relief to the displaced and provide humanitarian and logistical aid to the areas that were military operations files.
He House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, during his meeting yesterday with Javier Nart, the importance of providing political stability and security in areas that have been freed from the control of «Daash».
A statement issued by the Information Office of the Speaker of Parliament, received «morning» copy of it, that «al-Jubouri, discussed the political situation and security, and international efforts and the role of the European Parliament in providing the necessary support for Iraq in the face of challenges and at all levels »The statement quoted al-Jubouri, saying:« Iraq is counting on the support of friends and allies in achieving this and the success of the democratic experiment », saying« the importance of providing political stability and security of the citizen Iraq, especially in areas that have been freed from the control of the organization Daash terrorist ».
For his part, confirmed by a member of the Presidium of the House of Representatives, Sheikh Hamoudi, during a meeting with Nart, that the threat of gangs« Daash »terror, threatens all international regulations and their peoples, calling for« international coalition »led by the United States of America, to recognize« dangerous complacency and lack of seriousness »in ending the war against takfirist organization.
He warned Hamoudi of the international complacency in the fight against extremist groups, saying that« the international coalition to recognize the seriousness of complacency and lack of seriousness in ending the war with Daash », indicating that «all the regional, Arab and international countries are not safe from the brutality of terrorism and H.th».
He said Hamoudi during the meeting, that «defeat Aldoaash in Iraq is a victory for all countries of the world», calling on the world parliaments, to «send representatives to look closely at the Iraqi blood unit in the face of Daash », stressing the need that« these countries in a state of high alert at all levels to end the presence of Daash and provide all the capabilities and support for it ».
Separately, Search Speaker of the House with the President of the Board of Supreme Audit Farouk Abdel Halim Tawfiq, ways to develop work Court and to overcome the obstacles that hinder the process Alrkabah.ocd Jubouri full support for the Foundation as an important pillar in the consolidation of the oversight role of the fight against corruption and the corrupt and concern for the public money, stressing the need to control the process development and adoption of modern methods and means that would contribute to building solid institutions.

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