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National Union: development of the region «does not bode well»

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National Union: development of the region «does not bode well»


9/11/2015 0:00

Sulaimaniyah - morning
showed leadership in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan pessimism of near breakthrough political crisis afflicting currently Kurdistan region, describing the current situation as «does not bode well», as explained that international and local mediations that are being made ​​to bring the parties concerned to the political crisis in the region per fail again the other because of Democratic stuck Kurdistan position calling for the exclusion of the change movement, which owns a quarter of the Kurdish parliament seats.
leader, who asked not to be named, said in an interview for »Sabah»: The «mediations several have been made ​​in recent days, including the mediation of the former Secretary General of the Islamic Union Salah Din Muhammad Bahauddin, then the mediation of former leader of the National Union Fereydoon Abdul Qader », pointing out that« all these mediations have not yielded any result despite the fact that they met regional president Massoud Barzani and leaders in the MDC politicians ».
It demands of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by regional president, who accused him of b »setting unfair conditions, including the expulsion of the MDC from the government and change the speaker of parliament and convert traffic to oppose« silent »in parliament bloc».
The leader of the party Ali Awni has again attacked the MDC and its coordinator General Mustafa Nushirwan and invited them to admit plotting against his party, and the payment of compensation for the destruction and burning of its headquarters partisan during the recent demonstrations.
He said Awni, in a press statement: that «the mediation carried out by the Iraqi and Kurdish parties must not equate the oppressor and the victim, and the intermediaries to identify the party that keeps the Kurdistan and those who want to mess».
He stressed a member of the leadership of the Democratic Party on the need for the MDC first recognition by seeking to conspiracy and disturbing the atmosphere of Kurdistan and then provide compensation for damages caused by the demonstrations », warning that it should not be allowed to change movement that survive b» did it ».
He called Awni the MDC to exempt the current President of Parliament Dr. Yusuf Mohammed from his post and hand over his post to Nushirwan Mustafa, noting that «the President of our party, Massoud Barzani, is now chairman of the region and is supposed to preside over Nushirwan presidency of the parliament».
While denied a member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union and head of the delegation negotiating with the Kurdish parties Saadi Ahmed beer to be his party is working on mediation between the Democratic Party and the Movement for Change.
The beer «We do not mediate between the two parties but stand neutrally between the intransigence of the MDC and the deceitfulness of the Democratic Party and strive to third line between them», indicating that «despite all these crises dogging Kurdistan from the financial crisis to the crisis of salaries, we've got a crisis other legal and political a crisis presidency of the Kurdistan region ».
He pointed beer that« the demonstrations that recently launched is the result of those crises, not a key factor to the political crisis », adding that« the culture of the burning headquarters did not come out of the MDC, but existed before ».

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