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Complete project designs commentator train

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1 Complete project designs commentator train on Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:31 am


Complete project designs commentator train


9/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Batool al-Hassani
 General Company for Railways Ministry of Transport has completed development work designs and schemes Almonril project (the train commentator), which will connect the central station in Baghdad with the housing complex within the city of New Basmajh in preparation for submission to the investment during the next term.  
According to spokesman of the company Abdul Sattar Muhsin In a statement to «morning» Ban Transport Minister Bayan Jabr instructed the need to put the draft (Almonril) sky train, which will connect the central station in Baghdad with the housing complex in the city of New Basmajh, on investment after the end technical and engineering staff in the ministry to develop designs and the plans of the project and the final-long ten kilometers.
He added that the ministry has formed an ad hoc committee to study the offers that will be put up by investors, and noted that he will choose the most suitable of them, pointing to the continuation of his company launched projects to invest in order to improve its financial resources being dependent self-financing system.
He said Mohsen said Transport Minister Bayan Jabr met in the same regard, major committees planning Nizar Sultan, transportation Ali al-Hamdani in Baghdad Provincial Council to discuss the conditions of transport in the capital and ways of cooperation between the Council and the ministry, especially the vital projects that contribute to unscrew the case of traffic congestion in areas of Baghdad .
He pointed out that his company is working apace full capacity to invest through the conclusion of agreements with public and private sectors, so as to ensure secure delivery of goods and commodities and the various payloads from Baghdad to the southern and central provinces and vice versa, especially the ration card items, according to agreements with the Ministry of Commerce in this regard agreements.
and between Railway spokesman of the General Company for the implementation of transport projects in the ministry has completed the implementation of advisory contracts for the projects, railway lines: (Baghdad, Kirkuk, Arbil connector), and (Khanaqin Mndhirah Iranian border), and (Musayyib Karbala Najaf Ashraf Samawa).
He noted that technical and engineering staff in his company was able to rehabilitate 25 wagon travelers train fully, which include dreamlike and tourist vehicles Badrjtaha the first and second part of the campaign undertaken by the company for the rehabilitation of more than 52 wagon old from different origins, noting that the project included also rehabilitation of trucks and containers of the railway and for the transport of stone and grain from the port of Umm Qasr to the provinces.
He said Mohsen that the railway sector has witnessed a qualitatively distinct at various levels, especially in the field of completion of projects and the development of studies to package other ones which he described as lively and strategy, as a double line between (Baghdad, Basra, Umm Qasr), one of the economically viable projects, as well as the finalization of the preliminary designs for other projects are the lines: the circular railway around the city of Baghdad, and (Baghdad - Cote - Nasiriya - Basra), and (Baghdad-Baquba - Kirkuk - Arbil - Mosul), in addition to the line (Mosul - Zakho - Turkey), noting that the railways adopted the work advanced digital telecommunication network through waves (microwave), indicating that the railway line project (holy city of Karbala - Najaf) is one of the Projects that rely style in a way financing postpaid.

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