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Jubouri: Prime retirement body wasted 400 billion dinars annually fake files

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Jubouri: Prime retirement body wasted 400 billion dinars annually fake files


BAGHDAD / Sky Press: MP Mishan al-Jubouri, Monday, for the President of the General Authority of squandering the retirement of an estimated 400 billion dinars annually by granting the salaries of tens of thousands of those who do not deserve and files retired fakes.
Jubouri said in his own account on the site "Facebook", seen by "Sky Press," that "a few months ago I applied for the presidency of the parliament, upping the signing of fifty deputies to host the President of the retirement body on the back of granting pensions to tens of thousands contrary to the law and those who do not deserve the pretext of membership in The provincial and district councils. "
"It provided an example of this he was awarded 18400 people in the provinces of Salaheddin, including Khorasan and disabled and teenagers in eighteen years of age pensions that they procurators managers or directors of two aides what it costs the state more than four hundred billion dinars annually."
"The charge of this evil is the Salah al-Din Provincial Council in the previous session and a private boss Ammar Yousef al-Samarrai and director of the retirement of Salah al-Din Hamad maids who, obtained the backlog of pensions from the date of enactment of the law until the moment of exchange amounting to more than half a trillion dinars, yes more half trillion dinars note that the maids was director of this department in the era of the former regime and continued reduction in management today. "
He accused al-Jubouri, head of the Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie on what he described as this serious corrupting, noting that Zobaie has Immediately after assuming the presidency of the Committee to host the President of the retirement body within the Commission to prevent hosted a session of the Parliament, but has not been me of updates to hosting so as not to offer my data I attended by chance and were with the majority of covering up the scandal because the prime retirement Makarem body bestows on the other and gives them what is not theirs by right and because it is powered by a parliamentary majority. "
It is noteworthy that the heads of the three presidencies Fuad Masum, and Haider al-Abadi and Salim al-Jubouri, who had pledged during the election to their posts, according to their programs to fight corruption and punish corrupt people and clean up the state and its institutions, including circles, also pledged to open a new page in relations with neighboring countries, regional countries and the rest of the world in accordance with the requirements of the interests of Iraq According to the directives of the Supreme religious authority in Iraq.

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