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Term unique to publish documents prepared by Chalabi before his departure

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Term unique to publish documents prepared by Chalabi before his departure


Baghdad / term

Half a billion dollars Iraqi company turned to a Jordanian company ... and the latter denies

Central recognizes documents confirming his term and hold accountable the offense banks

Shed a document obtained by the (long) light on one of the remittance companies that dealt with the central bank even though it is registered with the Ministry of Commerce.
According to correspondence exchanged Finance Committee Chairman Ahmed Chalabi with the Central Bank of Iraq to that company (Almahj Exchange) dealing with the Central Bank Iraqi as the Exchange Company, but basically for financial conversion company.
The marks of the late Chalabi in the books of several sent by the Central Bank of the corruption within the company, which claims relate to company Exchange Jordanian deal, and show those details as set out below.
The (long) published on Sunday, document on files prepared by the President of the Parliamentary Finance Committee late Ahmad Chalabi before his death about the corruption of the currency auction which involved dozens of banks and money transfer that caused leakage of billions of dollars out of Iraq.
The revealed document, bearing the No. 740 dated 10.11.2015, for the guidance Bank converts worth $ 6.4 billion since 2012, and asked for an investigation corporate intermediary in the money earned by the bank managers through their participation in the auction currency administered by the Central Bank of Iraq smuggling.
In the same context, the Finance Committee and sent to the CBI a book number 425 signed the Chairman of the Committee The late MP Ahmad Chalabi, and on 05.24.2015, requesting the bank to provide the Committee to reveal the account for "Almahj Exchange Company", an individual bank in the book number 9/3/10582 dated 05/07/2015 which stated that the bank was not granted leave to work the sale and purchase of foreign company exchange currency on behalf of (Almahj Exchange Company), but the company money transfer on behalf of (Almahj company financial convertible).
Addressing Bank this company to provide him to reveal the account with the narrator Exchange Company of Jordan for the period from 01/01/2014 up to 12/31/2014 , Inc. (Almahj financial convertible), the Central Bank of the book of the Jordanian narrator company included that there is no activity or deal between the two companies over the mentioned period and provided.
Furthermore, the central bank acknowledged, late Sunday, the documents dealt with by the institution long on hard currency , pointing to a sufficient legal action against banks and companies violating taken in this matter, and among the procedures included the establishment of lawsuits and the imposition of heavy fines, stressed that the bank's audit teams are continuing their work in this field in coordination with the competent authorities.
The central bank said, in a statement received ( long-Presse), a copy of which he was "in the light of what is recounted by some of the media and social networking sites of news and information and presentation of documents pertaining to violations of some banks and companies in the sale and purchase of foreign currency window of the Central Bank of Iraq confirms that he had previously all legal action taken against those banks and their clients in conflict with the instructions for an auction of foreign currency for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 ".
He said the central bank statement that its procedures included the" prosecution by Iraqi courts in addition to his imposing heavy fines and being Asthsalha currently, "noting that" the bank audit teams are continuing to work in this field with coordination and inform the competent judicial authorities offenses or the amounts obtained for this purpose values. "
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