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Washington invoke climatic conditions and the Russian weapons snatched the limelight in the war on Daash

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Washington invoke climatic conditions and the Russian weapons snatched the limelight in the war on Daash

Monday 09/11/2015 0:18

Baghdad news - Bashir al-Araji
acknowledged the United States said air strikes had "calmed down" during the months
past, a period that has seen remarkable for attention by the Russian aviation bombed Daash terrorist sites military presence, but military officials, the Americans pointed out that the period of calm came because of weather conditions preventing the achievement of precise strikes on terrorists' positions.
talking about suspicions precision strikes in the difficult atmosphere did not stop the Russian military operations, especially the announcement of the success of the hit strongholds Daash by Russian aviation, which has stolen the spotlight of modern US technology to other countries began to compete with Washington in military and political influence in the region.
National Alliance MP Mohammed al-Musawi stressed that the US force of arms known to all, but recently Russia has developed its weapons are eye-catching. He said al-Moussawi, in his interview for "Baghdad news" that the slowdown in US military operations in Iraq and Syria aimed at political rather than technical, but with this has seen the last two months the emergence of the Russian air force and implementation of military strikes accurately, according to the publication of the video recordings of the operations in Syria, He pointed out that Russia's missiles had crossed the borders of the two countries, from the Caspian Sea toward targets in Syria, has been unable to US radar detection, which refers to the great development of the Russian armament compared Balomraki.
He noted a member of the National Alliance that the government look at the future interests of the country, and speed up an agreement with Moscow to expand air strikes into Iraq cities usurped from Daash gangs, and not rely on the international coalition that the United States led in fully to the fight against the terrorist organization, because as it seems, Russia has the largest of the United States' commitment, and its weapons fits the atmosphere of war in the region as he put it.
The Central Command, US Air Force commander Lt. Gen. Charles Brown had guessed that his country's troops and the alliance will increase its air strikes against targets Daash organization in Iraq and Syria in the coming weeks after a lull in September and October the last two. Brown said in a press statement that the reduction of air strikes was because of the weather and the slow pace of activities on the ground and not because of Russian air strikes in the region.

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