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Sadr warns of the occurrence of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, however, extremist groups

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Sadr warns of the occurrence of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, however, extremist groups

Monday 09/11/2015 0:24

/ WAP / Baghdad news
warned the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, on Sunday, the occurrence of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, however, extremist groups, noting that it would happened without preventing it is more like the capture of Palestine, however, the Jews. Sadr said in a statement in which he addressed the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and seen by news agency Baghdad International / WAP / "I was pleased often heard from Your Eminence, particularly in the colon and are recognizing Islam of Shiism front, and the second is to invite you to dialogue and to develop hand by hand," noting that "even though I may not be an important figure in your sight, Fannie announced put my hand in your hand for dialogue and introducing the hands of the Islamic nation to the righteousness of unity, safety and keep it away from discord and fragmentation. "He said al-Sadr" most yours feet on firm steps, and I am with you against any person who violates other faiths thinking as do the band Aldaashah abnormal or some fanatics Shiism stamped than disagree creed or the rituals or special ritual, "adding," I do not want to go into your discussions dogmatic about who Khuff Apostle its jurisdiction or from behind a prayer, I do not want from Shi'ite to be a Sunni is not intended to be a Sunni-Shiite at this stage ". the chest and follow-Azhar" I Atabqkm opinion now, "pointing saying" lies upon you the greatest responsibility of uniting the nation and raise her suffering because of some deviants from some of the communities here and there. "He said al-Sadr" What saddens me is your response to some beliefs the front in succession Ali with proven modern Bourne with you, and not your response to those who try to undermine the succession or those who want to give the right to increase the killing of Hussein then or of wasting the blood of Muslims after the infidels, "explaining," As I reject prejudice to any Sunni non penitential of any Shiite, and if you refuse a Shi'ite is penitential killed by a Sunni, this victory of God and open destination ". He warned the chest of" the occurrence of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain in the hands of extremist groups from any doctrine, "adding that" it is a wound to the body of Islam and unity. "He called on al-Sadr to" prevent the occurrence of that, "significant" That if he is more like a disaster of a beloved Palestine captive However, the Jews. "He stressed the chest on the need to" be the enemy and the one they are Jews and minions militants takfiris of all sects, "stressing the importance of" put our hands your own hands God bless us and you reformist steps in unity. "

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