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State of Law: Abadi put himself in a tight corner

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State of Law: Abadi put himself in a tight corner

Monday 09/11/2015 0:19

/ WAP / Baghdad news
confirmed a coalition of state law, on Sunday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi did not take advantage of mandate reform and tarry much in effect he put himself in a tight corner, and as pointed out that the latter's visit to Najaf was shy and did not result in anything, mortgaging his success to form a government of technocrats. The MP said the coalition Abdul Hadi Mohan, said that "the mandate of reference which gave wide powers to the prime minister beaten with an iron fist and break the quota system, but he did not take advantage of that and loiter in the implementation of reforms," ‚Äč‚Äčnoting that "al-Abadi he could embarrass the executive legislative powers through the formation of a government of technocrats, and submitted to the House of Representatives for a vote in the absence of consent does not stay in front of him but to resign. "He added Mohan News Agency Baghdad International / WAP / that" steps Abedi shy nor consistent with the mandate, Vaslahath limited to reduce the protections and the salaries of the three presidencies did not affect the government which was formed in accordance with the quota system lineup, did not affect the capital of corruption that called for reference to Mhacbadtha as well as street and some of the political blocs, "noting that" al-Abadi put himself in a tight corner, was his visit to the reference shy and did not result in anything. "He explained that" the principle of separation of powers aim not to shuffle the cards Valebadi exceeded in some of the things on these authorities, some of the decisions you need to legislation laws and amending others, "pointing out that" the head of the government did not take the necessary steps to preserve the Constitution and federal laws. "He pointed out that" al-Abadi Since that authorized the reform to now did not come with something, did not provide a single bill to parliament in accordance with the reforms, as well as that he did not offer any of the reforms to Parliament, "noting that" talking through the media is not taken it, we need to amendments in the laws to be implemented reforms ".. With regard to the intentions to withdraw confidence from al-Abadi, Mohan said he" belongs to the state of law and benevolent differ with the opinion but that is not up to the withdrawal of confidence, "noting that" in the case withdrew the rule of law trust you can not any other mass prevent it , and also can not afford any mass gathering enough votes to withdraw confidence from the government without the approval of the rule of law. "He added that" the rule of law did not take shape have a unified opinion to withdraw confidence from the government at the present time, we are supportive of the reforms and the mandate he received Abadi, but he has to do positive steps for the success of the political process, but in the light of inactivity do not expect that there will be reforms on the ground. "He added that" the success of the Abadi depends on the formation of a technocratic government that includes far from the quota system and suspicions figures, then it is the government that succeed and have the admissibility of the street. "

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