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War against Daash between hunter and night hawks flagrant

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War against Daash between hunter and night hawks flagrant

Monday 09/11/2015 2:09

/ Othello Alajafal / Baghdad news
war against al Daash terrorist in Iraq has become the main concern of the forces of the Great, nor the importance of the war from the door of the eradication of terrorism and the organization, but as a matter of control of the area, which is the most important and richest Middle East regions. Russian American conflict never stops Since World War II, may fade in time, but it is up to the interface again at another time, this time on the ground in Iraq and Syria, countries hunters who Aptlaa terrorizing organization Daash. Russian side will benefit from the sale of arms to Iraq, which is now mounted up on the armor of American tanks , chairman of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament of quitting has revealed, for the receipt of Iraq May 28 planes Lome 35 of the Russian government. Zamili and stressed that "the aircraft empowered and effective and have a significant role in the development of Iraq's military capacity," pointing out that it "changed the balance of the war against gangs terrorist ". Zamili added that" tanks and armored vehicles, missiles Cornet players against the bombs and armor wheels will arrive soon, "pointing to" the need to push for support of the security system and the change of military supplies to sustain the fight against terrorism momentum until the ultimate victory over the terrorist gangs ". Iraq had contracted about 40 helicopter Mi 35, and 40 helicopter Mi 28 (hunter night), one of the best helicopters in the world. The US side, who is in the Iraqi sky and on the ground for the training of troops, has sent the 101st Airborne Division to Iraq and Kuwait, where will there led the rest of the difference operating in Iraq as part of the current plan in the war against al-Daash., according to the US military newspaper Army Times in comments carried by US officials remarks that "the headquarters of the band actually in Kentucky will move to Kuwait, to lead combat missions in Iraq within the duration of the task nine months," she said that "the band will take direct command of the rest of the teams and operations, where it's the first time that the task is sent in to the region Middle East." According to the newspaper, the band 101 had completed its tasks in February from deployment in Liberia process, where they help the joint forces the United Nations in the fight against the spread of virus (Ebola) west of the continent. It is noteworthy that the band 101 known as the "hawks flagrant" is one of the most US combat teams that proud of the US military, which has gained great reputation during the second World War, which played a major role, including, guarantor victory for US forces against Germany. He said the division commander Gen. Maijur Gary Veloski "The main concern last for a period of three months for the band, was a study of the situation in Iraq in order to understand the development of the approach is better, which is part of the plan have called solution (authentic), which will lead the implementation during the period the next nine months, "stressing that" the band mission in Iraq will start with the beginning of the new year. "

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